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Swoosh God - Get Out My Face

[Verse 1: Swoosh God]
It’s a whole new wave
Sorry, n^^^a, you too late
And your career was just a phase
I got the swag that they want on the low
I don’t even gotta stunt because they know
Can you please get out my face you little hoe
And if not like Ludacris I’m throwin’ ‘bows
I will never ride another n^^^a wave
I just find my own way and then I pave
I’m not doin’ sh^t if I’m not gettin’ paid
I’d just rather stay home and get laid
My lil shorty bakery she got the cake
I love when she run her fingers through my waves
When it rains it pours but never give out shade
Play my cards right, king, queen, spades
Same b^^^h who used to play in eighth grade
Saw me on sunrise switchin’ them lanes
Stop at the light when she caught my attention
‘Member when she played with my heart in detention
Sat in my head but I never did mention
Time went by, she must’ve thought that I forgot
The tables done turned so now she gotta shoot the shot
And when she do I tell her that a girlfriend what I got

[Chorus: Swoosh God]
Get out my face
Don’t you see on Instagram I’m bae’d up
Get out my face

[Verse 2: Famous Dex]
Baby, get up out my face, yeah
It’s a whole new wave (new wave)
I create a whole new wave, yeah
Smoking dopy to the face
Couple chokers then I put it on my chain, yeah
Hop in the Lamb’ with Swish
I blow a lil b^^^h a kiss
Diamonds yellow like some p^ss, uh
80K up on my wrist (Swoosh)
Yeah, get out my face
Run up on me, I swear I’ma spray, yeah

[Chorus: Swoosh God]
Get out my face
Don’t you see on Instagram I’m bae’d up
Get out my face
Get out my face

[Verse 3: Rich The Kid]
b^^^h, why you calling me bae?
I just might bust on her face
Broke n^^^a riding the wave (Broke)
Gucci bro, watch for the snakes
Lambo’ swerve to the right
I’m on dirty Sprite
Pinky ring on my finger dancin’ like Mike (Ice)
Knockout, we got the syrup like Waffle House (Lean)
Might stuff a quarter milli’ in the couch
My trap phone goin’ in and out (Huh?)
Yeah, and I still got a Nextel
‘Til my neck get well and my wrist ill (Rich)

[Chorus: Swoosh God]
Get out my face
Don’t you see on instagram I’m bae’d up
Get out my face

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