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Lord I Love You

Ooo-ooo, Oh-oh, Ah-ah. I really love You
Ooo-ooo, Oh-oh, Yeah-eh. I really love You

Lord I love You. Yes I love You
How I love You. I really love You

Lord I praise You. Yes I praise You
How I praise You. I really praise You

Just for who you are, In all of Your glory
My heart sings holy, holy
You are everything, I need You to be…
You are the great, I AM! (Key change)

I adore You. Yes I adore You
How I adore You. I really adore You

1 (accappello)
3 hold…. I AM! (no Key change)

Lord I love You. Yes I love You
How I love You. I really love You

I really love you… repeat…

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