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Lizz Robinett - Taking A Chance Cause I Like You

One, two
It’s so hard to see it
But darling, let’s face it
These feelings we’re feeling
Cannot be ignored
If you’re scared that you’ll see something you’ll regret
Well, love is something that’s best with life
Avoid a fight and be polite
Just shut up! Wait a second, that ain’t right
Every journey’s gotta start with a step
So, go on out there and give it your best
I’m taking a chance ’cause I like you a lot
So, I’ll give it a shot, give it all that I got
La-di-da-di-da, la-di-da-di-di
Suddenly, you call my name, and I lose my brain
And I float up to the moon
La-di-da-di-di, la-di-da-di-da
When you laugh, it makes me smile, and I love your style
So I wrote a song to this tune
Thank you stars for giving to me
The greatest gift that’s still yet to be
I don’t mind if fate’s playing games
I’m happy all the same
It’s so hard to say it
But darling, let’s face it
These feelings revealing
Cannot be ignored
So I’ll work on this letter
‘Til our timing gets better
Sincerely, yours truly
And forever more

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