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IShowSpeed - Bounce That A$$

Y’all thought it was over bruh? (ShyGuyMadeIt)
Stop fuckin’ with me man
Speed is back
I’ma keep on doin’ this shit
I’ma keep on runnin’ this shit
‘Cause I’m Speed, man
I’m fuckin’ Speed
Guess what, guess what, guess what
I’m gay

Just got a real pole, nigga, suck my toes
Homies plus Naruto equals a go
I remember being down bad watching Death Note
Fuckin’ your bitch, she doin the most
Shrimp Dick Speed, I don’t give a fuck (Huh)
Pretty smile like Chris, I’m gettin’ buff (Arf)
Niggas on my dick like they gon’ suck (Arf, arf, arf, arf)
Big dawg Speed, lil’ nigga, you a pup
Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah, I’m fuckin’ ’em up
Smackin’ her booty and nut in his butt
Two-inch dick but I’m in them guts
Give her a twenty, I’m fuckin’ these sluts
Like bitch, you a hit, you a crip? (Arf)
Alright then, you the shit, lil’ nigga you wet (Arf)
Aw, now you feelin’ lit?
My niggas with the shit, my niggas be trippin’
They diggin’, they lickin’, they freakin’, we go for it
These bitches be cheaters and eaters and needers, we hate those
I love her, I fuck her, I want her, I hug her, I suck toes
Yeah, I suck toes, bitch

Bounce that ass (Arf, arf)
Bounce that ass (Arf, arf)
Bounce that ass (Arf)
Bounce it (Arf, arf)
Bounce that ass (Arf, arf)
Bounce that ass (Arf, arf)
Bounce that ass (Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf)

That nigga a bitch, that nigga a dog
Booty is wet, that bitch is a flood
A nigga is sixteen and get in the club
Wolfin’ ass nigga, these nigga’s be scrubs
Like bitch, who the fuck is you?
I’m in the stu’, I’m in the mood
Like what to do, like what’s the move?
I’m comin’ through, fuck boy
I play with toys
I’m makin’ noise, bitch

Ayy, anybody say nigga
I like Ava, nigga
I like Tee, I like TeeTee, nigga
I like Asia, nigga, I like ’em all, nigga
Fat, skinny, skinny-thick, nigga
I love all type of bitches, nigga
‘Cause I’m that nigga
I don’t give a fuck
I don’t even give a fuck if they was born a man
Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout
I’m out
And buy my fuckin’ merch
Link in the description
We out

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